Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shock Poll: Is Runyan Pulling Away?

The Richard Stockton College/Zogby poll of likely 3rd Congressional District voters (just released) shows John Runyan gaining rapidly on John Adler while Adler appears to be stagnant or slipping in support.
Here's the shocker: Runyan has picked up 10 points since the last survey on September 21 while Adler has dropped a point among likely voters: The results: Runyan 40%, Adler 37%. The third hopeful, a fake Tea Party candidate said to be placed on the ballot by Adler's people, has seen his support drop from 7.6% to 4.9%. This is not uncommon as additional candidates tend to lose support as voters focus on the two major party candidates as election day draws near.
The poll also shows Runyan gaining solidly among undecideds. 
Meanwhile, Adler can't seem to get his numbers above 40% That's not a good position for an incumbent to be in. All the stories about the phony Tea Party candidate and Adler's apparent stonewalling on the issue may have hurt him.
Here's how Fox 29 reporter Bruce Gordon describes the situation:Jon Runyan, the former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, is looking to pancake the Democratic incumbent John Adler come Election Day, and a brand new poll suggests he just might do it.
And here's how Jane Roh at the Courier-Post sums it up:
Republican Jon Runyan is gaining ground among undecided voters in the final stretch of the tight congressional matchup with Democratic Rep. John Adler, according to a Richard Stockton College/Zogby poll released Friday.
Support for Runyan among likely voters jumped 10 points, to 40 percent, since a September survey. Adler, meanwhile, is stuck in neutral. 
And here's Cynthia Burton from the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Republican congressional candidate Jon Runyan surged 10 points in an independent poll released Friday, and to top off the day, Gov. Christie told about 300 of the former Eagle's supporters at an afternoon rally that "this is the most important race in New Jersey to me."
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