Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NJ Dems Dragging Feet On Tool Kit




Senate President Steve Sweeney:

“You know we have more work to do, the tool kit has to happen. We have to find a way to put a tool kit together, again I’m sure it will be some kind of a compromise, but the core principles will be the same. We need civil service reform, we need arbitration reform. There’s things we need to do, in order, now that we put this cap on governments we’ve got to give the governments tool’s so that they can live within this cap.”

“Just because this is done, doesn’t mean we’re stopping work. We need to continue to work now and seize the momentum that the Governor said to continue to make improvements in New Jersey.”

That's what Steve Sweeney said back in July.
But now the Democrats who control New Jersey's legislature are dragging their feet on enactment of Governor Christie's widely-acclaimed tool kit to help local govenment entities control costs.
It's time to demand that the State Senate and State Assembly act NOW on the tool kit!

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