Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tooth Growing In Man's Ear? Incredible True Story

A British man's 33 year ear pain and supposed deafness in his one ear has been solved.
From the age of 14 Stephen Hirst was  plagued by earaches. The constant pain was so bad that he couldn't concentrate. And he knew he had difficulty hearing in the same ear.
The ear was also frequently infected. And he had to use a lot of cotton balls to help ease the pain in his ear.
But now, that's all gone.
It turns out that a tooth was trapped in Hirst's ear. Doctors removed the tooth and Hirst is feeling just fine, thank you.
Interestingly enough, Hirst had his teeth taken out quite some time ago.
So, how did the tooth get there?
Hirst thinks he may have pushed a back tooth into his ear when he fell as a kid.
But nobody knows for sure.
Could a tooth have grown in his ear?
You figure it out.
Click here to read the full story at London's Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

What's truly amazing here is that it took the Brit Health Service more than three decades to figure out the problem.

Jenna Schrock said...

I read the article from the link you provided, Dan. Very interesting. I feel sorry for his bizarre teeth experience. The knottiest thing I had with my dental health is stains - I had to consider whitening. It was caused by excessive intake of coffee while I was working in Los Angeles.

I think his accident was the cause of it. But I'm glad he's okay now. He seemed pretty happy.