Sunday, October 24, 2010

FLASH: Sestak STILL Wants Public Option

In a sign of just how extreme Congressman Joe Sestak is, today, the liberal Joe Sestak told Steve Highsmith on NBC News that he thinks a public option is still “a good move.”
Steve Highsmith: You were for the public option.  You think the public option is something that still has to happen one day?
Joe Sestak: I think it’s a good move.
Even after many independent reports have shown that Joe Sestak’s health care bill will do nothing to control the cost of health care, impose massive new taxes on the middle class, and cause millions of Americans to lose their current coverage, Congressman Sestak still thinks it did not go far enough.
  • “The provisions Democrats hoped would boost public support for Obama’s health care reform are the very ones forcing insurance companies to raise their rates.” (The Wall Street Journal, 9/7/10)
  • “The new health care law will impose new compliance regulations, employer mandate taxes, taxes on business ‘flow-through’ and investment income, and numerous indirect costs on small- and medium-size companies.” (Heritage Foundation Web Memo No. 2883, 4/27/10)
  • The legislation contains $500 billion in new taxes. The Joint Committee on Taxation has confirmed that many of the new taxes included in the health care reform law will be passed on directly to consumers, including the $60 billion tax on health plans, the $20 billion tax on medical devices, and the $27 billion tax on prescription drugs.(Joint Committee on Taxation, March 21, 2010)
  • The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found, under the law, premiums for millions of Americans purchasing coverage on their own will be 10-13 percent higher than they otherwise would be.  This represents a $2,100 increase for families purchasing coverage on their own.  (Congressional Budget Office, November 30, 2009)
Meanwhile, Congressman Sestak has refused to say whether he thinks Nancy Pelosi should be replaced as Speaker of the House like many other Democrats have said, including Pennsylvania Representative Jason Altmire (PA-04) (Roll Call, 10/20/10).

“Congressman Sestak is so extreme, he thinks the massive government-run health care bill he helped pass in the spring did not go far enough,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said.  “He still wants Washington to go further by establishing a public option that will further erode individual choice and control of health care decisions.”
“It has also been five days since Pat Toomey called on Congressman Sestak to say whether he thinks Nancy Pelosi should be replaced as Speaker of the House.  Why won’t Congressman Sestak just answer the question?  What is he trying to hide?”

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