Thursday, October 21, 2010

NJ Turnpike Toll Taker Makes $321,985!

The lies, the deceit, the corruption and the outright plundering of the public's hard-earned money  has been out of control in New Jersey for a long time.
But this story tops many, many others: An audit of the disgraceful New Jersey Turnpike Authority has revealed that a turnpike toll take with a base annual salary of $73,469 (and that's a whopper as it is) wound up earning $321,985 when all payouts and bonuses were totaled. You heard that right: $321,985.
And the same audit shows that the Turnpike Authority wasted $43 million on perks and bonuses that weren't necessary.
Wasted! Wasted on stuff like bowling leagues and bonuses for working on birthdays and holidays.
And all of this happened while the turnpike tolls were being raised.
Employees not only got paid overtime for removing snow and working holidays but they also received bonuses on top of their overtime pay.
You, the taxpayer paid another $430,000 to give authority employees free E-ZPasses to the turnpike and $90,000 in scholarships for workers' kids.
It's outrageous. Disgraceful. Shameful.
Here's what should be done: Disband all independent authorities and commissions. Take them apart. Fire the commissioners and the employees. Destroy the toll booths. And open the roads to the people. Let normal government entities assume responsibility for maintaining the roads -- just as with all other roads. In the case of bi-state bridges, the two states involved would share the cost of maintaining the bridge, and or tunnel. That's it. A simple solution.
If this can't be done, then privatize the damned roads.
Anything has got to be better than this!
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