Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dem Dirty Tricks Target Runyan -- AGAIN!

Today’s headline from the Burlington County Times says it all: Another attack on Runyan
Over the past few days illegal mail pieces lying about Jon Runyan, promoting the fake “Tea Party” candidate have been hitting voters in the Third District.
The Democrats think they can trick you in to supporting a fraudulent candidate instead of Jon Runyan. You can click here to see the illegal mail pieces lying about Jon.
In addition to sending out illegal mail pieces, they have begun attacking Jon online through false attack ads that attempt to garner support for this fraud.
Here is a screen shot of the ads all over the internet:

They even hijacked the web site to make it look like the Tea Party was actually supporting this fraud.
Runyan & Co. are so close to winning this election – don't let the Democrats steal it now. Team Runyan has launched a web page – – detailing these dirty tricks and they need you to help spread the word about it.
Tell your friends and neighbors -- and spread the word via e-mail, text, Facebook and Twitter!

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