Saturday, October 30, 2010

Runyan, Glading Energize Camco GOP Crowd

 Camden County GOP Freeholder candidate Scot DeCristofaro (center, smiling) stands alongside his children as fellow freeholder candidate George Zallie (right) looks on this morning in Cherry Hill

 No doubt about it: Enthusiasm is high and this slogan takes the cake!

 Congressional candidate Jon Runyan fires up the crowd.

A large crowd of energized campaign workers, tea partiers and ordinary citizens turned out this morning in Cherry Hill as the Camden County GOP mobilized troops for the final 72 hours of the 2010 campaign.
Lawn signs were flying out the door.
Voter contact lists were being picked up by neighborhood leaders.
And phone banks were already well-staffed and operating at peak when congressional candidates Jon Runyan and Dale Glading and county row office candidates George Zallie, Scot DeCristofaro and Chris Leone-Zwillinger stopped by to greet supporters and offer thanks and encouragement.
I continue to be impressed with the numbers, the enthusiasm and the dedication that I see in the volunteers who are turning out to make democracy work for the conservative cause -- even in Camden County!
It's nothing short of astounding.
As I chatted with people at the headquarters this morning I ran into Gene Cohen, a senior citizen from Cherry Hill who told me he's never been involved in a campaign before.
Gene said he got involved because of the Tea Party. "When they said 'we've got to take our country back' I knew I had to get involved," Gene commented. He explained that the notion that we might have to take our own country back and, in effect, return it to the people, convinced him that he had to do something. So, Gene began working the Runyan phone bank side-by-side with tea partiers and other volunteers. "It's never too late," he said.
It was at that point that Gene and I commiserated over a quote from Ronald Reagan: "If not us, who? If not now, when?"
Yes, we are the people and this is the time.
Gene story is being reported over and over again all over the country.
What's happening right now is truly historic. And the whole world will hear our story in just a few short days.

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