Friday, October 22, 2010

Christie Fires Up Runyan Troops

 From left: NJ Assembly members Dawn Marie Addiego and Scott Rudder, 
Governor Christie, Jon Runyan (behind Christie)  and Loretta Runyan.

The National Phenomenon known as Chris Christie -- New Jersey's OWN Governor Chris Christie -- came to South Jersey this afternoon to fire up GOP troops working hard in the campaign of 3rd district congressional candidate Jon Runyan.
Christie delighted a large crowd outside Runyan's campaign headquarters in Mt. Laurel as he reminisced about his own election more than a year ago. "I know how happy you were to finally elect a Republican Governor in New Jersey after 12 long years. And believe me, I like it. It's better than losing," Christie joked. "But we need to do that again. We need to repeat that triumph here."
Fresh off a cross-country tour and interviews by national media, Christie was in his element as he told the Burlington County party faithful that "no race in New Jersey is more important to me than this one, this year." The Governor quickly added that "I do not say this to diminish the importance of any other race and all of our fine Republican candidates all over the state."
But Christie said,  "I have been with Jon Runyan over these past several months and I have been impressed with him. I like his direct, honest approach. We have a chance in this district to replace a Corzine liberal with a common sense conservative and we need to do that. It's time to send John Adler back to the practice of law. It's time to send Jon Runyan to Congress," Christie added.
The Governor joked that his father lives in the third district (in Ocean County) and "he's working, making phone calls for Jon Runyan. And he tells me all the time when he working Jon's phone bank. And I know I don't want to disappoint my father and neither do you."
After he spoke I told the Governor how happy I was to see him in South Jersey since no Governor in my lifetime has visited this part of the state this often in the space of one year. "Thanks, Dan," he answered. "I appreciate it and I LOVE the blog."
Following the event, the Governor headed to nearby Marlton to greet patrons at a diner and then he was off to Gloucester County and Salem County -- more time in South Jersey with the good people of this part of the state during this lovely time of the year.

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