Sunday, October 31, 2010

Democrat Boondoggle Robs County, Hurts Economy

Losing jobs is nothing new to Camden County. 
It is all to familiar occurrence.
Businesses leave Camden County because taxes are just too high.  But how awful and disheartening is it when our county Freeholders deliberately causes a thriving business to go under?
The Pennsauken Mart, a South Jersey landmark since 1955, was home to over 150 businesses and and a reliable lifeline for the small business entrepreneur. 
The 35 acres in Pennsauken may not mean much to the Camden County Freeholders, but when they tore down “The Mart” in 2007 to make way for the developers they took away businesses and pay checks from our residents.
Our current Board of Freeholders had the brilliant idea to replace the Mart with what was to be an arena and conference center.  When that failed the project became Renaissance Walk, an upscale apartment complex with about 612 high-end residences; where rents were planned to go as high as $2,000 a month.
We're still waiting for the apartments -- waiting, waiting . . . .
Blame does not fix a problem – but new leadership and direction will. 
That is why the team of George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro will work to give Camden County residents a real comprehensive all-inclusive chance for the future – and not destroy the dreams of the past.
With unemployment running at 11 percent, the people of Camden County need jobs. 
We cannot bring back the Pennsauken Mart, but we can – with your help on November 2 – work to improve the economic outlook and build a better future for Camden County.

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