Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Logo And T-Shirts For A Solemn Memorial?

Why were t-shirts distributed to attendees at the memorial service in the McKale Center on the campus of the University of Arizonalast night?
The shirts bear the same logo that adorned everything from the event -- press passes, signage and volunteer t-shirts. Reportedly, the shirts were placed on many of the seats in the lower sections of the arena so that the crowd could take them (and presumably put them on) when they arrived.
Apparently the shirts, logo, etc. were the work of the University of Arizona, or so it seems. Neither the University nor the White House are talking very much about it.
Why was a logo designed for a solemn memorial?
Why did the event need a slogan?
Why did it need to be color-coordinated?
Why did it need a commemorative t-shirt keepsake?
Why was it branded -- like a product or a service or a pep-rally?

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