Saturday, February 26, 2011

AP: The Christie Phenomenon

The Associated Press' Beth DeFalco and Geoff Mulvihill have this to say about our great Governor Christie:

Happy to wield a veto pen, seemingly eager to lambast anyone and anything that stands in his way and apt to use sarcasm to make his points, Christie is a phenomenon , and not just in New Jersey. He's become a talk show regular, a star on YouTube and Twitter, a headliner at campaign events for conservative candidates, the favorite of some Republicans looking to the 2012 presidential race.

All on the basis of his first year in office , a year defined by the fights he'd picked.

He's sparred with the federal government, the Legislature, the public workers' unions, the state Supreme Court, and the authorities and commissions that oversee components of daily life like sewer fees and bridge tolls.

No one seems off limits, including citizens who dare question him in his series of town hall meetings or those who question his policies on Twitter.

What most call fighting, he calls having a conversation , Jersey style. Which is to say, brash, loud and direct.

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Josh said...

While I wish Christie hadn't used some of the methods he has so far, I can't complain about the results. And most New Jerseyans can't either.

As for Christie in 2012, he keeps making it very clear that he's not running for President. Not the typical ambiguous, "leaving the door open just a slight crack" garbage. He's explicitly said that he's not running. Yet the talk continues. Do people really think that Christie will go back on his word on this?