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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cardinale: Dismiss Pirvatizing ? Not So Fast!

New Jersey State Senator Gerald Cardinale, the senior Republican member of the Senate Commerce Committee, issued the following statement regarding the Trenton Democrats' attitude towards the potential privatization of certain state services.
“I am very disturbed by the attitude exhibited by my colleagues across the aisle on the issue of privatization. When properly done, privatizing certain services can streamline and enhance the delivery of services, while lowering the cost to consumers. The services would be delivered more efficiently at a great benefit to the taxpayer while creating sustainable private sector jobs. This will improve the business climate in New Jersey turning the clock back on initiative like SCR-150 that will hurt job creation.
“I am more concerned that my colleagues across the aisle don’t seem to understand the affordability crisis the state and its citizens are facing today. Comments that promote the view that government should spend every last dime it takes in are not helpful in these economic circumstances. I would like my friends across the aisle to join with me and root out waste, fraud and abuse to return money to the taxpayers rather than sucking them dry.”

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