Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christie Signs Some Bills, Vetoes Others

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took action on the following legislation:

A823/S1122 (Albano, Milam, Amodeo, Riley, Moriarty/Van Drew, Beck) – Requires DEP to establish free recreational saltwater fishing registry
A1458/S2286 (Wisniewski, Spencer, Watson Coleman, Conners, Chiusano, Coyle, Quijano/Cunningham, Norcross) – The “Banking Development District Act”
A2360 /S168 (Schaer, Coyle, McKeon, Munoz, Schroeder/Gill, T. Kean) – Regulates captive insurers

S2398/A3594 (Madden, Sarlo, Buono/Giblin, Voss, Jasey, Lampitt) - ABSOLUTE – Directs New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Commission on Higher Education to promote the establishment of higher education and business partnership
A3143/S2183 (Greenwald, Quijano, Lampitt, Ramos/Norcross, Beach) – CONDITIONAL - Expands treatment of mixed use projects under urban transit hub tax credit
A3308/S2314 (Gove, Rumpf, Conners/Connors, Beach) – CONDITIONAL - Creates State contract set-aside program for businesses owned and operated by veterans

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