Thursday, February 24, 2011

Voters Don't Support Union Thug Tactics

A new Rasmussen Poll says that three out of four voters do NOT support the "take to the streets" confrontational tactics currently being employed by Democrats and union organizers in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
And the poll also says that even Democrats are not fully behind this strategy. In fact, Democrats are about evenly divided on this approach.
So what's really behind the sixties-style approach that the liberals have launched?
It's actually all about energizing the radical leftist base of the Democrat Party.
The President's base hasn't been riled up lately. The zealots just ain't zealous like they were in 2008. The President and his people know this. They get it.
And they also know that since an election is coming up soon, they've got to get the base energized.
And of course, big time campaign bucks are also involved. Big Time.
The unions funnel zillions of bucks into the Democrat coffers. Unless union leaders feel they have LOTS to lose by not supporting the Dems, they aren't gonna contribute the way they need to and/or they're not gonna get the donations from their members and friends that they need.
Energy. Money. The base.
This is what it's all about.
Obama beds to raise A BILLION DOLLARS for the upcoming campaign.
Much of this will come from AFL/CIO, AFSCME, NEA and other big buck sources including Move On, George Soros, Silicon Valley fat cats, Goldman Sachsen, etc.
With Obama it's all about the money, the power and HIM.


Josh said...

And it's not about money for the Republican pols either? The Chamber of Commerce spent plenty of money on last year's elections, as did the Koch Brothers, American Crossroads and other outside groups who were enabled by the Citizens United ruling.

It goes both ways Dan.

Dan Cirucci said...

Josh: Of course both sides have big-time contributors. How would the GOP compete against a billion dollar operation if it did not have same? And if the loyal opposition could not compete, it wouldn't be healthy for our democracy. These are the modern alities of politics. BUT Obama is the President of the United States and he and his people are brazenly, baldly, ceaselessly political and relentlessly calculating. It's huge, it's ubiquitous and it's cultish. Save perhaps for the Nixon years, I've not witnessed a presidency like this in my lifetime.