Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Reality Of The Choice We Face

We live in a nation that has a two-party system.
This is the way it is. Yes, third parties occasionally emerge but they do not generally take hold. Instead they merely wind up influencing the direction of the two major parties.
OK, let's put aside personalities and focus for a moment on political philosophies.
We are still called upon to choose between two broad sets of principles: One generally embraces less government, more local control (robust federalism), fewer regulations, individual initiative and a free-market capitalism that looks to business and the markets to create jobs and sustain growth.
The other generally embraces bigger government, organized labor, more regulation, more centralization at the federal level, rigorous market monitoring and controls and government as the employer of not-quite-last resort.
One is more individualistic.
The other is more collectivist.
These are the choices that we have. This is the reality of our democracy.
In my formative years I was certain that government was the answer. But over time I came to believe that Ronald Reagan was right when  he said that less government, fewer regulations and lower taxes was the way to go.
That's my choice. You may not agree. You may embrace the other set of principles. That's fine. That's America.

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