Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mummies Will Come To Philly After All!

Did you read the story about those mummies that were scheduled to be put on view at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania for its spectacular new "Secrets of the Silk Road" exhibit?
When you heard that they were not coming, had you given up on ever seeing these rare Chinese treasures?
Well, don't despair.The mummies are on their way to Philadelphia and will officially go on display at the Museum next Friday, February 18 at 1 PM! They will be there through March 15 only.
And the Museum has extended its hours so you can see them.
So get your tickets right now! Click here for more info from the Penn Museum.
And while you're preparing to see this marvelous exhibition, listen to my exclusive podcast interview with Dr. Victor Mair, professor of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, on the exhibition.

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