Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mmmmmm . . . Penn State's Creamery!

We are in beautiful State College on the campus of Penn State University and after dining this evening at The Corner, we stopped by the Penn State Creamery.
If you ever find yourself here in what is affectionately known as "Happy Valley" you owe it yourself (and your taste buds)to stop in at The Creamery.
Getting ice cream at The Creamery has been a Penn State tradition since 1896.
Creamery ice cream is so fsh that only four days elapse (on average) between the cow and the ice cream.The Creamery also serves as a laboratory for food science faculty and students conducting dairy research and for dairy industry professionals testing solutions to technical problems.
To learn how to make quality ice cream, dairy manufacturers come from as far away as Brazil to take The Creamery's famous "short course".
Much of the milk used at The Creamery comes from the University's 225-cow heard at the PSU Research Center.
Each year The Creamery makes about 225,000 gallons of its famous ice cream.
If you really, really, REALLY like ice cream, this is the place for you!

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