Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sayings Of Christopher Christie - Part 2

At the Lincoln Day luncheon at Philadelphia's Union League last week New Jersey's feisty Governor Chris Christie once again regaled a capacity crowd with stories, lessons and sayings that demonstrate why they call the man "America's Govenor."

Here are just a few of the things that Christie said:

In November of 2009 the people of New Jersey understood something before the rest of the country understood it . . . that the system needed to be shaken up.

During my election night victory speech, I said that we would turn Trenton [New Jersey's state capital] upside down. Some people wondered what I meant by that. Now, they know.

It's not about the power of my persuasion. It's about the power of our ideas.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, you're a millionaire if you make $400,000 a year. It's called New Jersey math.

As Republicans, if we stand firmly and resolutely for our principles, we will win. Because we're right.

The very same people who were once screaming for tax increases are now clamoring for tax decreases. If that's not "turning Trenton upside down" I don't know what is.

President Obama and I both agree that we have to do the Big Things. We just don't agree on what the Big Things are.

I'm not the smartest guy in America and I didn't graduate from an Ivy league school. But I know when the people of my state are getting the short end of the stick. So, yes I canceled the ARC tunnel project.

It is time for the leaders of government to have the guts to say "No! -- No, I'm not writing a blank check."

If they [the newly elected GOP House members] don't do what they said they're gonna do, then the next time they see me it's gonna be with my arm around one of their primary opponents.

We have an educational system that caters the feelings of adults rather than to the needs of children.

There are only two professions where there's no reward for excellence and no consequence for failure. Weathermen don't work for me. Teachers do.

I will not sacrifice our children on the alter of our comfort. My message to the teachers' union is this: You had your day. Now it's time for the children. Now it's their day.
Frankly, the little stuff bores me. And I can't tolerate wasting time on the little things until the Big Things are fixed.

People ask me why I talk to groups such as this. Some people think it's a waste. They say it's "preaching to the choir." Yes, I know that I'm preaching to the choir. But then I remember what a minister once told me. He said: "I preach to the choir so that they will sing." So, I want all of you to sing. I want you to sing to your family and friends, business colleagues and associates -- sing to the people who matter.

Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents because he did not turn away when it was the hardest. He knew in his mind, his heart and his soul what he had to do. And he did it. We cannot fail. We cannot turn away from the lessons of Lincoln.

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