Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did Christie Trigger Union Busting Trend?

Is the current union-busting trend that seems to be sweeping through statehouses across America really the work of New Jersey's tough-talking Governor Chris Christie?
Did this all begin in Trenton?
And was Christie the catalyst?
This question is examined in an opinion column in the Washington Times.
Here's a portion of the column:
Every time Gov. Chris Christie plays another round of smash-mouth politics with New Jersey’s public-sector unions, conservative voters across the country lead the cheers.

“When he speaks to the unions and the other parasitic special-interest groups ripping off the taxpayers, you want to applaud,” said Mark Kevin Lloyd, chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation. “Think about the first time you heard [Clint] Eastwood say, ‘So, you feel lucky, punk? Go ahead — make my day.’ Remember how everyone cheered?”
A poll finds that Republicans and independents have warmed quickly to the governor’s in-your-face style with teachers unions, state government workers, police and firefighters — so much so that they propelled him to the front among possible GOP presidential nomination contenders in 2012 despite Mr. Christie‘s frequent assertions that he won’t run.
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