Monday, February 14, 2011

Museum Visitors Make Videos Of Their Own Stories

On the the National Museum of American Jewish History's second floor, "Choices & Challenges of Freedom" (1945-Today), visitors have the opportunity to use video recording booths and tell their stories, share their traditions, or talk about their ancestors. Among the stories which visitors have recorded in the "It's Your Story" booths are those about Sephardic heritage, mitzvahs, holiday customs and family dinners.
These stories are added to the Museum's archives and become a part of the only national museum dedicated exclusively to telling the story of the American Jewish experience.
Participants can also sign up to receive the video at their email address, which they can then email to others or post on their Facebook page or other social media sites.
The stories are also posted online at the Museum's microsite, also called "It's Your Story."
"At its heart, the Museum is dedicated to the millions of people whose lives make up the American Jewish experience as well as the broader history of the nation. We invite all those who come to the Museum to share their own story with us and make it a lasting part of the Museum," said Josh Perelman, the Museum's deputy director of exhibitions, programs and collections.
"These stories allow the Museum to continue the process of collecting the stories of all those for whom the Museum's themes ring true," he said.

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