Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Atlas Shrugged' Stuns Hollywood; Adds Theaters

The maninstream media are doing everything possible to squelch any interest in the new film Atlas Shrugged.
But the word has gotten out anyway, and people all over the country are rushing to see this movie.
It opened at less than 300 theaters. Now, it gets another big boost this weekend. And the audience just keeps building.
Here's an excerpt from the Washington Times on this phenomenon:
By current Hollywood standards, it is a movie that should never have been made. Imagine this story pitch to progressive movie execs: "we have a female heroine, genius entrepreneurs disappearing, and a government conspiring to control its people and their creations. In short, a powerfully persuasive anti-government message."Not exactly “Iron Man 3” is it?
Yet, despite (or because of) Hollywood’s best efforts to keep the movie down, “Atlas” is racking up dollar signs at the box office. With a hearty $5640 per theater in its opening weekend, “Atlas Shrugged,” based on the influential Ayn Rand best-seller, has left Hollywood insiders dumbstruck to explain its success.
The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the film will expand its release from 299 theaters to 425 this weekend and to 1,000 by the end of the month.
What is the explanation?
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