Thursday, April 14, 2011

Romney Beefing Up Staff, Making Moves

The Washington Post reports that Mitt Romney is assembling his campaign staff and has hired a top-notch communications director, Here's a snippet:
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has hired Gail Gitcho to serve as the communications director of his presidential exploratory committee, the latest sign that the race for staff talent is heating up.
Gitcho will leave her post as communications director to Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) and re-locate to the Bay State by the end of the month.
The news of her hiring comes just days after Romney announced the formation of his exploratory committee and is evidence that the planning for the former governor’s presidential bid is already considerably advanced.
For Gitcho, it’s something of a homecoming as she worked on Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign — serving as a regional press secretary.
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