Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deneuve, Depardieu Sparkle In Potiche!

Freely translated from the French, it means trophy wife.
Turn the clock back to 1977 for a moment.
France is in upheaval with workers striking and unions, socialists and even communists on the march.
When her husband is taken hostage by his striking employees, a trophy wife (Catherine Deneuve) is suddenly forced to take the reins of the family business. In the process, she proves to be a remarkably effective leader. Still, business and personal complications arrive in the form of her ex-lover (Gerard Depardieu), a former union leader.
This is the premise of the new French film Potiche.
Deneuve. Depardieu. Here and now. In a new movie.
That alone is a sort of miracle. And, the whole thing is deliciously French.
Deneuve was -- and remains -- one of the most beautiful women in the world. Plus, she's an extraordinarily astute actress. And Depardieu? Well, he never was anyone's definition of a matinee idol. But he exuded burly manliness. Yes, he's hopelessly overweight now. Yet he still knows how to pull off a scene with a remarkable sense of authenticity.
Together, Deneuve and Depardieu still captivate.
And the supporting cast is excellent as well - particularly Jeremie Renier and Fabrice Luchini.
Sure, the movie runs a bit too long -- just like most movies do nowadays.
But can there ever be too many minutes or hours of Deneuve on the screen? Ever?!?
What a delight it is to see these two pros back at work again.
Potiche. Hurry, before it disappears.

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