Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cherry Hill School Board Candidates Need Your Vote!

Challenge the status quo!

VOTE TODAY - April 27

Ryan Green
Meng Zhang
Valery Boyarsky
Andrew Behrend

for Cherry Hill Board of Education!

Their Platform:

• Representing the Interests of the Entire Cherry Hill Community
• Dedicated to Educational Excellence while also mindful of the Impact on Taxpayers
• Reality Based Budgeting
• Promoting Fiscal Responsibility, while also retaining Educational Programs and Talent in our Schools
• Dedicated to Implementing a Rational and Effective Capital Improvement Program
• Total Transparency for Informed Decisions

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Josh said...

On a somewhat related subject, don't you think the state would be better consolidating the school elections and all other elections? Have just two election days state wide - the primary in June (or whenever), the general in November. Have the school and other minor elections on one of those two days.

In addition to saving the taxpayers money by not having to distribute voting equipment and pay elections officials more than twice a year, you would ensure much better voter turnout.

Dan Cirucci said...

I TOTALLY agree, Josh.