Monday, April 18, 2011

Philly GOP Hopeful Sends Salvo Into Enemy Camps

Philadelphia Republican mayoral candidate John Featherman has produced one of the most clever web ads we've seen in quite some time.
And here's the scary part -- in addition to being quite funny (in a sadly realistic way) it also makes a number of important points based on real stories right out of the headlines.
After nearly 60 years of iron-fisted one party rule, you'd think Philadelphians would wake up. You'd think they'd be tired of party hacks, nepotism, ineptitude, union thugs, scandal, waste, mismanagement and corruption. And you'd think the regular Republican organization in the city would show some muscle -- that they would do something, anything. 
But, no.
The Dems keep following the corrupt city machine and the Republican organization keeps cooperating and accepting the crumbs from the fat cat Dem table.
Give Featherman this much credit: At least he has the guts to speak out and try to make a race of it.
And, he certainly knows how to get our attention.
This is truly refreshing. Bravo!


Common Sense said...

The Phildelphia Republicans do one hell of a job given what they have. I hate to sound racist or cynical but until you can get a majority of african americans to not blindly follow the democratic party, this new blood is wasting its time. They only vote one way without any thought at all. I loved watching Leno's jaywalking during the Obama - McCain campaign. Every african american asked fell in line with McCain on the issues, and everyone said they were voting for Obama. Blind loyalty is a dangerous thing. But, then again, the democrats bought and paid for the welfare vote a long time ago. Its a sad state of affairs in most major cities and like Ronald Reagan said, "All change starts at the dinner table." The problem is, in the city there aren't many fully-staffed dinner tables.

RedNeckoBlogger said...

Great add! But too long! Needs to be edited into shorter clips for TV. It would be great if the Philly Democrat monolith could be weakened just a bit. Without 90% DemWit Philly, Pennsylvania is "red".