Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reports: Trump To Announce Run In Mid May

Donald Trump will announce his run for the presidency in mid-May.
Reports say that Trump will indicate his intentions on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice on May 15.
Then, the next day -- or a few days later -- Trump will announce that he's running.
Both author Bernie Goldberg and Ronald Kessler of Newmax say that Trump is definitely running.
People who know Trump say that he is coldly serious about running. They say he is deeply concerned about the direction of the country and his motives are heartfelt and sincere.
In fact, word is that Trump is putting the pieces together to be a candidate. This is no joke -- no stunt, they claim. Those who are in a position to know say that Trump feels he can make a difference; that he can attract strong, broad-based support and that the country is ready for him -- ready for an independent-minded, no-nonsense leader.
Donald Trump doesn't need the publicity.
And he doesn't need the hangers-on and sycophants that are so important to so many egotistical politicians. Nor does he need the fame or power.
He's already famous, powerful and wealthy. He knows how to lead -- and how to build a staff of the right people.
And he's not in the business of losing.
Those who know best say this: He will run to win -- and he will run to lead.

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Josh said...

I'd take Donald Trump a lot more seriously if he'd get off this birther nonsense. There are plenty of sound criticisms of President Obama. Whether or not he was born in the US and eligible to be President is not one of them.

If Donald Trump wants to be looked at as something more than a novelty act using a "presidential campaign" simply to promote himself and his business interests, he needs to stop talking about Obama's birth certificate and spend more time articulating clear, specific solutions to our many problems. Do that and maybe I'll take him seriously.