Sunday, April 17, 2011

Middle School Girls And Their 'Boobie' Bracelets

Sometimes it seems rather amazing. I'm talking about what passes for "free speech" these days.
And judges are apparently all too happy to push the envelope.
But someone has already said it all, better than I can.
Our dear friend Christine Flowers comments on the controversy surrounding those middle school girls who a judge says can wear their "I Love Boobies" bracelets to school. The bracelets are apparently part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.
But here's how Flowers sees it:
The thing that really irks me is the attempt to make it seem as if these middle-school girls are really engaging in some admirable campaign to raise breast-cancer awareness.
They're raising something all right, but it's not awareness.
Those bracelets were designed to titillate, and no amount of sermonizing from the breast-cancer activists can change that.
If we really wanted to engage young folk in the fight against cancer, we'd show them pictures of women who've lost their breasts, we'd teach them how important it is to do breast exams, we'd have them volunteer in hospitals and hospices.
Click here to read Christine's entire column in the Philadelphia Daily News. It's worth your time!

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