Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poll: Americans Favor GOP On Budget, Other Issues

Yet another poll shows that President Obama is in trouble.
Yet another poll shows that he's losing the trust and confidence of the American people -- especially on the economy.
And this poll also finds that people are more trusting of the Republicans on the budget than they are of Obama.
It's from USA Today/Gallup and here's an excerpt:
Americans say Republicans in Congress would do a better job than Democrats in dealing with the U.S. budget, according to a poll released Friday that shows President Barack Obama's party at a disadvantage as lawmakers near another showdown over federal spending.
GOP symbol and cash
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The poll's findings underscore the challenge facing Obama as he seeks public support for his proposals for tackling a growing U.S. budget deficit — an issue that could play a key role in the president's efforts to win re-election in 2012. . . . .
The USA Today/Gallup survey of 1,013 U.S. adults looked at whether Americans expressed more confidence in the ability of Republicans or Democrats in Congress to deal with six major issues facing the country. . . . .
with 48 percent favoring Republicans and 36 percent Democrats.
The poll found that Americans favored Republicans by smaller margins on four other issues: Afghanistan, the U.S. economy, immigration and jobs. Democrats held a small advantage on handling healthcare, the poll found.
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1 comment:

Josh said...

They favor the GOP on the top level but not when the details of the GOP's proposals are revealed. Paul Ryan's proposed "reforms" to Medicare are at best controversial, at worst unpopular.

Also, while Ryan's proposal sounds good in theory, it won't work in practice. Private insurers don't want to insure medicare-age people because they're higher risk. So either they won't be willing to cover those people (making the vouchers worthless), or they'll offer them policies at such high premiums that they'll be impossible for all but the wealthiest seniors to afford. That means government will have to spend more on the vouchers than they do currently per subscriber for Medicare, or a whole lot of seniors are going to be unable to afford health care.

I agree that changes need to be made with Medicare. But getting rid of the system and issuing vouchers instead is not the way to go.