Friday, April 22, 2011

Trump: Here's More Evidence That He's Running

Donald Trump is serious about running for president.
This ain't no joke, folks. This is real.
Trump is serious.
So serious that he called Charles Krauthammer (one of his leading critics) to calmly tell Krauthammer: "I'm a serious businessman and I'm a serious candidate."
And, guess what?
Krauthammer came away impressed.
“I give him credit the way he handled himself,” Krauthammer says. And the leading conservative columnist thinks that Trump's call and Trump's demeanor indicate that Trump is almost certainly in the presidential race.He was "courteous but very calm, and he made his case, rather than sort of attacking everything I said about him," Krauthammer explains.
Krauthammer says he now gets the impression that Trump is "dead set on running, and is a serious contender:"
But, wait -- nearly two weeks ago we told you right here that Trump was very likely running. And we stand by our prediction that Trump will make a Very Important Announcement in mid-May.
Stay tuned.

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