Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote NO! On School Budgets Today, WEDNESDAY!

OK, we got our days wrong.
We thought the New Jersey school elections were yesterday. Well, aren't most elections held on Tuesday? Huh?
Not in New Jersey, friends. Here, the school elections are held on WEDNESDAY - today!
Once again this year we are urging a NO! vote on school budgets throughout New Jersey today.
Yes, today is the day you get to vote on school budgets.
It's your ONLY chance to vote NO! on taxes in New Jersey.
Last year a record number of school budgets were defeated in New Jersey and that sent a strong message to local school districts and to Trenton.
But that message needs to be repeated again and again so that school reform and real spending and taxing reform actually happens.
We still have the highest property taxes in the nation and the biggest single part of these property taxes is for the schools. Let the politicians know how you feel
Vote NO! on school budgets today.

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Anonymous said...

I voted NO in
Brick today!!!!! I went to the polls yesterday to vote myself!!! Always thought Tuesday was election day!