Monday, April 18, 2011

Barbara Capozzi For Phila. City Council

If you plan on voting in Philadelphia's May 17 primary election and you're not yet registered you have till midnight tonight to register.
This primary election is very important because an unusual number of seats are up for grabs -- particularly City Council seats and judicial seats.
And (for better or worse) in Philadelphia the Democrat primary is really the only game in town. Winning the Democrat nod is tantamount to being elected.
In the second Council district we're supporting Barabra Capozzi for City Council.
Barbara is a third generation Philadelphian from South Philly's Packer Park neighborhood.
"They had nothing when they came here," Barbara once said of her grandparents, Ludwig and Domenica, Giacomo and Helen Rosa, "what they had was a dream."
As an attorney, real-estate broker and fearless community activist, Barbara has helped to fulfill that dream. Her work in the community and with a host of charitable, civic and professional organizations is impressive, to say the least. But beyond all that, Barbara is real -- she's smart, reliable, thorough, caring, determined and totally committed to the city and the neighborhood that she's calls home.
We can attest to this as we've known Barbara for more than 20 years.
The Second District is one of the most diverse in the City of Philadelphia, encompassing Southwest Center City, the Graduate Hospital area, Grays Ferry, Point Breeze, Southwest Philadelphia, Packer Park, Girard Estates and more. Barbara believes that the issues within this district should reflect those of the civic associations.
Barbara's commitment to growing the economy of Philadelphia can be seen in her many contributions to responsible development projects. Barbara's 25+ years of civic commitment has turned her into an expert on neighborhood planning and development.
Make sure you're registered to vote.
Then, vote for Barbara Capozzi on May 17!

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