Thursday, February 16, 2012

About That Philly Newspaper Power Grab

Okay, so now the New York Times is out with a story about that group of liberal Democrat power brokers (including former Governor and former DNC Chair Ed Rendell) who seek to buy Philly's two newspapers and their accompanying web site.
It's a good story and you can click here to read it.
But it may be too little, too late.
Let's face it: For decades Philly's newspapers have pretty much endorsed and enabled thievery same liberal Democrats who now seek to scoop up the papers and all that goes with them -- including the popular web site.
Now, many journalists at those papers (and elsewhere) are howling about the "power grab."
The whole thing would be funny (in a macabre way) if it wasn't so sadly ironic. THIS is what happens when there's no check on power. THESE are the wages of more than six decades on one-party rule, largely enabled by those who should have known better.
Weirdly self-destructive -- and scary!
After all folks, we're talking about the First Amendment here. And that's pretty damned important.

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