Saturday, February 25, 2012

Video: Man Falls Asleep During Rambling Biden Rant

Vice-President "Regular Guy" (aka Joe Biden) recently spoke of Americans "tired of being tired."
We weren't quite sure what hapless, gaff-prone Joe meant by that until we saw this video clip of a man literally struggling to stay awake while Biden spoke at North Carolina Community College.
Look at the man on the left just behind Biden.
He's so bored he can't even keep his eyes open.
These are the scenes that the Dominant media and the major networks never show you because they're too busy trying to prop up a failed Obama Administration.
"Tired of being tired?"
They're tired of listening to you, Joe -- you rambling, old gasbag!


Josh said...

Who cares about Joe Biden? Dan Quayle, Al Gore and Dick Cheney weren't exactly electrifying speakers either.

The Vice President has one purpose - help get the President elected or re-elected. Once they're in office, they're like the Queen (or King) or England - someone with a fancy title but very little actual power.

Ryan said...

Nor for that matter was George HW Bush all that stunning speaker, as president or veep.

Of course, we also don't have any context. Did the dude pull a double shift? Was he up all night with a sick child? Does he have sleep apnea?

As usual, context--looking deeper than the surface level silliness, requires actual thought. But why do that when there's a chance it might not support the irrelevant attack?