Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Video: Classic Christie - Don't Send Gov't Your Money!

Note how the entrenched Democrats in New Jersey's State Legislature (and former Democrat Governor Jim Florio) sit stoned-faced today during the Governor's Budget Address and refuse to applaud as Governor Chris Christie tells legislators to stop playing games with taxpayers' hard-earned dollars.
Here's what the Governor said:
Now, some in this chamber may want to return to the days of outrageous state spending growth. To gimmicky programs that take money out of the taxpayers right pocket, and have Trenton keep most of it. Then return far less of it in their left pocket, take a bow and call it tax relief.
Now, New Jersey has seen 30 years of this as Trenton's solution to fix property taxes. It never has fixed a problem and it never will fix the problem. And New Jerseyans will not fall for the same old Trenton politicians' trick again.
We know that the only way to ensure that Trenton politicians will not waste your money is to not send it to them in the first place.

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