Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rick Preaches 'Made In America' But Drives An Audi

Rick Santorum may preach "made in America" vigorously during his campaign appearances but that's not what he practices in real life. No way.
In fact, his 2008 return shows that Mr. Santorum and his wife, Karen, listed a German car — an Audi A6 — among their business equipment.
Here's what Santorum says on his web site:
 “We need to get our economy going again, and those who are struggling the most is the great middle of America that has seen their manufacturing jobs flow to India and China. We must reverse course by rebuilding the engine that drove America as a world power.”
But Santorum's own engine? Well, that's German.


Ryan said...

Boy, Ricky must scare you to grasp at straws so desperately.

Ryan said...

Pointless observations backed with no substance. We know Willard and his royal roundness are infallible. Mittens kicks people to the curb, that's awesomeness, and also just a fact.