Friday, February 24, 2012

Conservatives: Don't Let The Naysayers Intimidate You

It happens every year -- especially as November's elections near.
And it's always worse during a presidential election year.
The liberals whine and complain -- and often they complain about us (those of us who call ourselves "conservative") and our views and what they see as our "stridency."
And so it's happening again.
The people who are expressing their disappointment with our views have pretty much always expressed such disappointment. And, many of them have a habit of dismissing those who hold such views (or similar views) as being narrow minded or not "thoughtful." 
But, speaking only for myself the record will show that (as usual) I am supporting the most moderate candidate in the GOP race and my steadfast support of Governor Chris Christie (and before him, Governor Christie Whitman) shows that I am hardly on the fringe or unreasonable. 
Both of these fine GOP governors managed to gain the confidence of the people in a Very Blue state. And yes, the ones who dismiss our views also called Ronald Reagan wacky and "out of the mainstream". And they said he was "Scary and dangerous" and painted him as an "ideologue." And they dismissed him as an ":amiable dunce." 
This is what they do. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. 
I'm proud to have supported Ronald Reagan who turned out to be the best president in my lifetime and a true American hero. 
And I'm proud to be supporting Mitt Romney as well -- a decent, responsible, exceptionally competent, inspiring leader. 
And yes, I will continue to speak out to advance the conservative agenda -- as I have a right to hold and advance such views. 
So long as I can still exercise such rights, I will!
And I urge you to do the same.

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Ryan said...

Is that why you're so scared of alternate opinions that you delete comments left and right?

Because of confidence?

Or is anything other than an echo chamber too much to handle?