Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Votes Tell The Story: It's Romney!

Numbers don't lie.
And when it comes to the GOP presidential nomination, the numbers tell the story.
In this case, the numbers are the vote totals.
Consider this: Last night in Arizona and Michigan respectively Mitt Romney tallied more votes than he did four years ago.
And overall Romney has gathered far more votes than any other candidate.
Here's more:
  • Romney has now tallied nearly two million votes.
  • Romney leads his nearest rival by nearly three-quarter-million votes.
  • Romney is the only GOP candidate to have reached and surpassed one million votes.
  • Romney has won more popular votes than Santorum and Gingrich combined.
  • Romney has gathered almost as many votes as Santorum, Gingrich and Paul combined.
  • Romney has won in the north, the south, the midwest and the west -- every part of the country.
These are the irrefutable facts.

Here then are the vote totals:
ROMNEY: 1,749,111
Santorum:  978,042*
Gingrich:  932,222
Paul: 462,912
*Note that for all the hoopla surrounding Santorum, he barely edges out Gingrich.

All over the nation republicans have spoken. they're message is strong, clear and simple: ROMNEY!

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Ryan said...

And when did popular vote become the way delegates are decided?