Friday, February 24, 2012

Are You A Romney Super Fan? Show It!

A very special message from the Mitt Romney campaign:

Over one million voters have already made their voice heard by voting for Mitt.

Whether you became a Mitt supporter ten years ago when he helped turn around the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, or you just recently joined the team after watching the last debate -- now is the time to stand up and show your support. And what better way than to wear it?

Designed exclusively for Mitt's most passionate supporters, the "Super Fan" shirt can be yours for a donation of $20.12 or more.

If you stand with Mitt against attacks on free enterprise and religious liberty, SHOW IT.

If you are unapologetic in your support of a proven leader with the plan and experience to turn around our nation's economy, PROVE IT.

If you are one of millions across the country that believes Mitt Romney will restore America, EXPRESS IT.

You know who you are -- now let America see you. Donate $20.12 or more today to get your "Super Fan" shirt today:

Abe Adams
Deputy Digital Director
Mitt Romney for President

P.S. When your "Super Fan" shirt arrives in the mail, pull it out, put it on, and snap a photo of yourself wearing it. Then send your pic to so that we can post some of our favorites to our website and Facebook page.  

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