Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Poll Shows Obama Job Approval His New Low

In the new CBS poll, President Obama's job approval rating has hit a new low: 43%.
That's down from an earlier low in the last poll.
And, get this: His rating is no better among women. They only give him 43% as well. That's telling because women (for whatever reason) have always been among Obama's staunchest supporters.
Since early September, the president's approval rating among women has slipped a full seven points.
And there's more from the poll report:
Positive assessments of the president's handling of the economy has also dropped five points in the last two weeks, to 41 percent now. Just 40 percent approve of his handling of foreign policy, while 49 percent disapprove - the highest disapproval he has ever received on this measure. . . . 
Personal evaluations of the president are also down. Thirty percent say he cares a lot about people like themselves - the lowest level measured since he took office.
And people do not have a very rosy view of the future under President Obama. In fact, the percentage of Americans who think the country is headed in the wrong direction has risen. Just 29 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction - down six points since July - while the percentage who says it is off on the wrong track has risen six points, from 60 percent in July to 66 percent today. The percentage who says the country is off on the wrong track is now the highest it has been in over a year.
These figures are not good. Not good at all.

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