Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UhhhOH - Mistake! It's RAND Paul, Not Ron Paul

We've made a slight error on our 2016 GOP presidential poll shown at the top right of this page.
We posted the name Ron Paul when we should have listed RAND Paul.
Maybe you've already figured that out -- everyone pretty much knows that Ron Paul has run his last presidential race and that Rand is a likely 2016 contender.
Since we've already posted the poll, Blogger won't allow us to make any changes in it at all until the poll closes. We're sorry about this.
But if you're voting for Ron, it's actually Rand.
Right now, you still have plenty of time to vote.
So, go ahead -- vote in our poll. There are plenty of choices and there's bound to be somebody listed there that you really like. Yes?

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