Friday, September 27, 2013

Religious Liberty: Join In Fighting The Good Fight

A special message from the Cardinal Newman Society:

The Cardinal Newman Society and many Catholic organizations are represented in a class action lawsuit filed yesterday by the Christian Brothers Employee Benefits Trust and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Trust's health insurance plan – rooted in Catholic principles – is for us and other Catholic groups a last wall of defense against federal and state violations of religious freedom. With its "HHS mandate," the Obama administration threatens to take away our right to morally appropriate health insurance, but this lawsuit now stands in the way.

Religious FreedomThe suit underscores the stark choice presented by the Obama administration: either abandon the faith or comply. Think of the impact on Catholics across the country, if the Newman Society and other Catholic apostolates are crippled by financial penalties. We've already done so much to support religious freedom (check out our resources here), and we're not backing down now. Please pray for victory in the courts!

And here's good reason for the survival of your Cardinal Newman Society: Whereas Loyola Marymount University seemed to drop abortion coverage in its health plan, responding to faculty concerns and our inquiries, many faculty are still fighting for abortion coverage. See the articles below, including our report on RenewLMU, a group that is urging the University to stay true to the Faith.
And see our intrepid reporter Matt Archbold's most recent report on the Jesuit university law professor whose crusade for "transgender" rights has led him to reject marriage, sex-offender registries, drug and prostitution laws, and even the terms "male" and "female." This is one of the most radical professors at a Catholic university that we've ever come upon.

- Patrick J. Reilly, President

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