Sunday, January 13, 2019

As Shutdown Continues, Dems Party In Puerto Rico

As the shutdown sets new records and millions of government workers go without a paycheck, Democrat congressional leaders have been partying in Puerto Rico with dozens of well-heeled DC lobbyists. Meanwhile, President Trump is still at the White House waiting to negotiate (in the midst of a DC snowstorm) where he's been every day, save one, for the past month. The one day he did leave was to visit US troops in a combat zone in Iran for Christmas.
President Trump is on the job -- now and every other day.
The Democrats? Up to their usual fun and games -- and chief among them is New Jersey's ethically-challenged Senator Bob Melendez, enjoying himself on the beach in Puerto Rico. You re-elected your high-living senator, New Jersey -- and he's out to remind you of that every chance he gets.

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