Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Why Can't Liberals LEAVE THEM ALONE? Why?

And now, a very special message from Catholic Vote, catholic vote.org:

They slammed the door. 


On the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

Liberal politicians and activist judges have decided that -- come hell or high water -- these devoted religious sisters will be forced to pay for birth control whether they like it or not. The Sisters face a terrible choice again: obey, or be destroyed. 

It’s simply maddening! 

Remember -- the Obama administration forced nearly every employer in the country to provide these so-called “health services.” Faithful Catholic groups like EWTN and religious orders like the Little Sisters of the Poor were not allowed an exemption from this overreaching, immoral, and unjust HHS contraception mandate. 

That’s why Catholics cheered when the Trump administration issued an order providing religious protections for employers who had moral or religious objections to covering sterilizations, abortion-inducing drugs, and contraception in their health plans. Of course, despite the lies of the Left, contraception remained perfectly legal. But conscientious employers simply requested an exemption from paying for these drugs. 

But left wing groups and their malicious political allies refused to surrender. 

So they sued the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

Again. And again. 

These politicians are so wedded to the Culture of Death that they continue to insist that an order of elderly nuns must pay for abortion drugs, and more. And of course, these politicians were able to find two judges who complied. 

As of yesterday, there is now a second injunction imposed by a federal judge on President Trump’s religious protections for employers like the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

And --- are you surprised to learn that both judges were appointed by President Barack Obama? 

Did you need any more proof of the importance of electing pro-life candidates to the United States Senate who will confirm nominees to the federal bench that respect our laws and the Constitution? 

The opinions written to strike down the religious freedom order issued by President Trump are totally baseless. These judges hate President Trump, and will do anything they can to stop him. Especially if it means helping their friends in the abortion industry. 

Of course, this news comes during the same week that the Center for Disease Control announced that the United States hit a 30-year low in fertility. 

Right now, Democrats are playing chicken on the border wall. Today they refused to even meet with the President. Their no-compromise game is sickening and stinks of the worst kind of politics. 

But make no mistake -- we have to stay focused. The Senate must get to work approving more judges. Lots of them. Every day. 

The Republican-led Senate did an excellent job in confirming a record-number of appellate court judges, but there remains a massive backlog of federal district judges. Did you know that there are currently 120 vacancies in our federal district courts? That means one out of every six seats is empty! 

But these vacancies will never be filled if Senate Democrats continue to demand 30 hours of debate for each and every nomination. This procedural allowance used to be an exception. Democrats have made it the norm. 

We agree with Senator James Lankford, R-OK. It’s time to reduce the time limit for debate on each nomination from 30 hours to a reasonable 8 hours. The Democratic obstructionist games must be stopped. 

Call the U.S. Senate at (202) 224-3121. Ask to speak with your Senator’s office. Tell them you support the confirmation of new judges and want them to END the “30-hour rule” immediately. 

Reforming the runaway judiciary is the number one priority for Catholic voters. 

If Republicans want to deliver, they need to kick it into overdrive. 

Groups like the Little Sisters have suffered long enough. 

Brian Birch, President, www.catholicvote.org 

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