Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fight Fake News; Help Catholic Students NOW!


Following is a special message 
from Catholic Vote www.catholicvote.org

This is wild! 

Did you hear about the Catholic kids from Covington, KY? 

Last Friday, they proudly attended the March for Life. Later in the day, as they prepared to depart Washington D.C., they were cursed and shouted at by protesters. Finally, they were confronted by a known Native American provocateur who beat his drum in their faces, while another Native American told the students to “go back to Europe where you came from.” 

Then get this... 

...a highly-edited video was circulated making it appear as if the kids instigated the confrontation! And so an online mob piled on, accusing these pro-life teens of being Trump-loving racist bigots. 

SHAME: CNN and the NY Times, along with an avalanche of left-wing activists, pounced. Author Reza Aslan told his 287,000 followers: “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?" Death threats ensued. The kids’ families have now been threatened. Famous musicians were encouraging their followers to track down the students and punch them. One of the people who issued a threat to the children lives in their neighborhood. Left-wing activists are now publishing the home addresses and phone numbers of the kids' families and urging people to destroy their lives, rescind their college acceptance letters... and ruin their future careers. 

But there’s more... 

Some of the loudest voices condemning these kids were Catholics! Including a famous Jesuit priest who regularly condemns others for their lack of compassion and mercy. 

Regrettably, even the Covington Catholic school and their local bishop issued statements critical of the kids -- though we hope and expect some of these statements may soon be revised or retracted. 

Here’s the REAL story: It all started when four Black Hebrew Israelites, a radical religious group centered on black identity, approached the Covington Catholic students and began heckling them with anti-gay slurs -- for almost an hour. In response, the students tried to be positive, and began singing school spirit songs. That’s when activist Nathan Phillips approached the Covington Catholic students. 

That’s right-- it was Phillips who approached the students, not the other way around. The full 9-minute video of the confrontation confirms this fact. The longer video also debunks the phony lie that the kids were chanting anything about building a wall. 

At the center of this controversy is a young Catholic kid named Nick Sandmann. 

Nick was singled out by Nathan Phillips, who beat his drum inches from Nick's face for several minutes. In a courageous statement released to the media, Nick said: 
“I was not intentionally making faces at the protestor. I did smile at one point because I wanted him to know that I was not going to become angry … I am a faithful Christian and practicing Catholic, and I always try to live up to the ideals my faith teaches me — to remain respectful of others, and to take no action that would lead to conflict or violence. 

“I am being called every name in the book, including a racist… 

“I have received physical and death threats via social media, as well as hateful insults…”

From all indications, Nick Sandmann acted about as well as anyone could have, given the harassment and verbal assault he endured. He and his friends were heckled and provoked. They refused to back down and stood their ground. 

In fact, I’m proud to stand with Nick Sandmann. 

This morning in our weekly staff meeting, we discussed ways CV could help. We have decided that this is a moment when Catholics have to step up. Left wing mobs are on the attack. They want to censor, silence, and shame us until we give up. 

We refuse to surrender. 

For the next 24 hours, all contributions made to the Catholic Vote Education Fund will be bundled and sent as a grant to Nick Sandmann and his family! 

We’ve decided it’s not enough to simply complain... 

Or push back with the truth (which we have). 

Catholics need to send a clear message: courage in the face of left-wing mobs should be rewarded! 

I want the Sandmann family to know CV has their back. 

No teenager or family should be forced to deal with this on their own. 

You can also add your note of support to the Sandmann family. We’ll send your comments along with our grant this week. 

Click HERE to send your support. 

Brian Birch, President, www.catholic vote.org

P.S. Please feel free to forward and share this message with anyone you know that might want to help. Nick Sandmann and his family are owed more than an apology. That’s why we are proud to do our small part to thank him for his courage, and to deal with the despicable mob that is out to destroy him.

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