Thursday, October 22, 2020

Final Presidential Debate, Live Blog - Part One

Biden does out with a mask. A prop!

Welker begins with an attack on Trump: "The country is headed into a dangerous new phase," she says. But President Trump handles it well. He comes back with a bunch of clear facts. But he also humanizes it, telling about his own experience with the virus. It's quite impressive. 

Biden looks pale and drawn -- strange for a man who's been resting for nearly five days. He shoots off a lot of figures and pivots to the issue of masks and holds up his mask. He's holding the mask as if it's some kind of cure. Now Welker presses Trump on when and vaccine is coming. She's pressing Trop and pretty much leaving Biden alone. But Trump says 100 million viles are "ready to go." And Trump is very calm -- steady, measured and calm.

Now Biden is talking about "a dark winter" and Welker keeps pressing Trump while pretty much keeping hands off Biden. Trump nails Biden with a bunch of his previous statements. Now Trump levels a broadside talking about Biden "hiding himself in a busmen" and ads "I don't know why he's in the basement; he's obviously making money somewhere."

Biden is being given opportunities to respond to Trump's comments while Trump is not. The moderator is showing her bias again and again. The moderator wants to keep the discussion on COVID as it's felt it favors Biden. She keeps giving Biden chances to refute and respond. Biden has smirked a few times -- a bad sign; it shows he's in trouble. Now Biden is engaged in a lot of bureaucratic double talk. Biden looking back at Trump and looks very old.

Welker continues to level questions and veiled attacks on Trump while leaving mostly hands-off Biden.

Biden is now equivocating. He wants to open but he doesn't want to reopen. It's political double-talk.

Biden is back to the masks again as if it's some kind of panacea. As he looks back at Trump, from the side view, Biden looks creepy. Almost ghoulish. We need to say it again: Welker is literally on the attack against Trump. 

Now Welker switch to Iran and Russia working ti influence the election. And she tosses a softball at Biden. This is a joke! 

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