Thursday, October 22, 2020

Final Presidential Debate, Live Blog - Part Two

 Joe Biden has beady eyes tonight. NOT a good look. 

Now Trump goes at Biden: "I have not taken a penney from any foreign source in my life." And Biden pivots and attacks Trump on tax returns. Now Biden its smirking again. It's not a good look. 

Biden's smirking and laughing at Joe is not a good look. But Biden is now having to defend himself, his family and his business interests. And he says -- incredibly -- "my son has not made money from China." When Trump tries to talk about all this further, the moderator keep cutting him off.

Joe Biden has spent much of his career sneakily and dismissively smirking and laughing at his opponents. Biden is starting to stumble a bit now and e quickly needs to change the subject -- now he's talking about Scranton, malarky and working families around the dinner table and Trump nails Biden on it calling him a "typical politician" and correctly saying he's engaging in diversionary tactics. Trump is very effective here.

Forty-four minutes in, there's some evidence of Biden wearying. He's stumbling and fumbling over words again. Again, Welker again talks over Trump ad cuts him short. Now, astoundingly, Biden brings up Hitler and the Nazis -- a very low blow.  Meanwhile, Welker is still on the attack. 

And now Welker moves onto health care. Trump is strong here talking about 180 million people losing their health care through private plans. Welker meanwhile continues to give Biden questions that are simply designed to trigger pre-prepared answer from him. But Trump has a way -- and it's not easy -- of getting his issues in. And he manages to turn the topic to fracking, which Biden obviously doesn't like.

Welker talks over President Trump but keeps giving Biden extra time. And now Biden talks about Scranton again. He moved out of Scranton when he was NINE YEARS OLD. And Trump nails him on this. 

Again, Biden gets extra time while Trump gets cut off. Trump isn't just facing Biden, he's facing Welker as well. Meanwhile, Biden continues to engage in class warfare. These topics were chosen by the moderator with a liberal bias to help Biden. The presidential debate commission is a joke and Welker is tilting the debate toward Biden. She's doing it with a velvet glove. Trump, on immigration, hits Biden hard: "Who built the cars, Joe?"

Now, incredibly, Biden says one of his first acts as President will be to accept as citizens 11 MILLION UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE! These are illegal immigrants!

Joe Biden is clearly worked up. He's spending a lot of time shouting tonight. Noted again: the topics are weighted in Biden's favor. Even with all that, Trump is doing very well. But this is heavily tilted toward Biden at every turn. We hope people are noticing it.

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