Thursday, October 22, 2020

Presidential Debate Live Blog - Part Three

 Given the situation he's in, President Trump continues to score important points. Biden plays class warfare and race cards again and again. Trump is very effective in nailing Biden on this one issue: "If you've got such great plans now, why didn't you do it four years ago or anytime during you 47 years."

Biden keeps getting a chance to respond. The moderator has given him many, many more opportunities. Trump has been effective in nailing Biden as a typical politician. Again: Biden's sneering is dreadful. You wanna talk about "not presidential?" THIS is NOT presidential. He's acting like a punk!

Biden laughing at the President is VERY UNpresidential. But now we're on to climate change -- another topic chosen to help Biden. And Biden keeps talking about what he's gonna do when he was in office for 47 years and WHAT DID HE DO? He's going to start improving things now but how did we get into this mess? HE was in office for 47 years. 

If Biden says "C'mon!" one more time . . .  Often it's pretty much all he has.

Trump makes a good point: He hits again on fracking and nails Biden on it. Incredibly, Biden says "show the tape" where he said he's against fracking. But numerous tapes exist and they will be shown.

Biden is coming off as a smug, dismissive politician who spews catch phrases and talking points. Biden is from one of the most environmentally dangerous and polluted. And now he basically says he will GET RID OF the oil industry in this country. This is BIG and Trump is sure to remind him of this again and again. This is absolutely major.

Trump's closing statement is very, very strong.

This is a choice between an old line politician who delivers bromides vs a straight-talking businessman who's brash, audacious, daring, patriotic and loves his country -- knows that the business of America is business.

Trump was s sharp, clear, focused, disciplined and laser-like compared to the first debate.

Biden stumble quite a bit and was clearly rattled on occasion. He seemed spent at the end. Meanwhile, Trump seemed rejuvenated at the end. He's indefatigable!

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