Saturday, October 31, 2020

Oh, My! This Says It Better Than We Could; Hooray!

  A facebook friend writes as follows:

The political ads are endless. I cannot stand the sound of Biden's voice. CLEARLY, it is weak, often it has clearly been edited because it goes up and down in the same sentence. The crap that comes out of this guy's mouth, his ridiculous claims are just beyond. Most recently, Joe says he's going to beat the virus. How? How, you demented jackass? Are you going to provide hospitals with ventilators and the supplies they need? Uh, President Trump already did that. Are you going to develop a vaccine? Uh, President Trump has already done everything possible to do that. Are you going to teach yourself some hygiene and not to take your mask off and cough into your hand? At 78 if you still have poor hygiene, the odds are you won't change. You're a bullshitter, a liar and a pig. There I said it.
One more thing: While it is true that Covid numbers are up, what the media does not tell you is that deaths are down. When the President said he would decide what the States would do, the Governors were up in arms, so he let them do what they wanted--but he still gets blamed. When he said shut down, everyone was hysterical--we're out of work, we don't have money. The stimulus package was HIS idea, not Pelosi's. The second stimulus package was his idea too, but that lunatic wants to add all kinds of other crap and has delayed it. Place the blame where it's due--on her and the other lunatics. Now the President says, open up and he's blamed for that too. Is this a matter of politics? Not to me. To me it's a matter of logic and concern for the American people and if you can't see Pelosi as an absolute lunatic who hopes to get Joe elected, shut him down and get herself to be the V.P., I can't help you.

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