Sunday, October 25, 2020

Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Unite To Back Trump!

Wow! Look at this historic letter by leading Orthodox rabbis in the United States in support of President DonaldTrumpAn unprecedented joint letter of appreciation and blessing, spearheaded by Rabbi Moshe Margareten of Tzedek Assoc. This type of letter is considered to be unprecedented -- not just by its content, but more so that it pools together leaders of Orthodox Judaism who don’t always see eye to eye on key issues.

“You have given a powerful voice to what all good people know beyond any doubt: that now, more than ever, we must turn to Almighty G-d, fortifying our faith and staying true to our values in the face of these current tribulations . . .
“You understand, Mr. President, that it is our faith in G-d that will keep us strong and lift us out of this calamity . . . 
“As you have strengthened America to proudly hold aloft the banner of G-d and religious belief, so too, may G-d Almighty bless you to proudly lead us to victory in our current war with COVID-19 . . .  May you go ‘from strength to strength’ leading us forward towards ever greater good.”

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