Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Winners

After yesterday's Pennsylvania primnary, here are some of the big winners:
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell - Understood the people and politics of his state and showed true grit.
Philly Mayor Michael Nutter - Nerdy, you say? Don't be fooled. He's shrewd, patient and tough.
Hill, Bill and Chel - Each played his or her role to the hilt. And, Chelsea emerged as a public personality in her own right.
Terry McAullife and Lanny Davis - Turns out loyalty still means something, at least for some people.
Rush Limbaugh - Yes, Rush. His 'operation chaos' was important to Hillary's victory.
Pittsburgh Tribune Review - Hillary was smart to meet with the newspaper's editorial board and the newspaper was smart to endorse her.
AFSCME and AFT - Big union power in Hill's corner.
John McCain - The more they fight each other the less time (and money) they have to beat up on him and the GOP.

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